Hussain’s Story

My name is Hussain, and I am a refugee from the Middle East. I left my country because of war, and I have lost many family members and close friends. I cannot go back because I would either be killed by the regime or the fanatic groups in my country. 

One day I searched the internet for meaning to my dreams and to understand why there was so much conflict and confusion. I was struggling. Why did I have to suffer and lose people I love? Why am I having dreams of a Man in White? Who is he? What does He need from me? While searching, something stopped me and urged me to look at a specific webpage, “Dreams of Isa.” I had never seen this page before. What would I find? Will they answer my questions? I could not resist the urge to look at the webpage and was grateful to discover it was translated into several languages, including Arabic. I could not stop searching and reading. I had never felt like this before. It was so interesting.

I saw a phone number and sent a message. To my surprise, I received an answer after a few minutes. The person was so friendly. He invited me to contact him if I had any questions. That conversation opened the door for me to search for answers, including to things I doubted. 

First, I asked for the meaning of my dreams. The gentleman was so good at answering all my questions, and he gave me perfect answers that I could not refuse or argue away.

Then, I started asking other questions. He was so understanding, answering with love and patience. If I asked our religious leaders those questions, I would be rebuked and even called a disbeliever who needed repentance. I challenged him, but he was so calm and sure of what he believed. We started studying the Bible and the Qur’an. He knew both Books. We discussed everything — whether the Bible was corrupted, who Isa is, the Trinity, Isa’s death on the cross, family issues, the inspiration of the Qur’an and the Bible, the validity of the Hadith, and so on. He pushed me to see things differently. After several months of communicating and studies with him, I accepted that the Bible is the Word of God and is not corrupted. Yet, I could not accept that Jesus is God. I still saw Jesus like the Qur’an describes, “among those brought near [to Allah]” (Al-Imran 3:45).

I remember one time, after a long discussion about who Jesus is, I told him, “I am sorry. I cannot believe what you are sharing with me.” He then did something I felt was very strange. He asked God to show me the full truth of who He is. He said, “God will always reveal His truth to those who are seeking.”

Early the next morning, I had a dream. In it, a Man in White was talking to me and asking, “Why do you doubt who I am?”

I said, “Who are You?”

He answered me, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the Straight Path. Listen to your friend. He is telling you the truth.”

I woke up that morning with an overwhelming peace, joy, and happiness that I cannot describe. Then I called my friend and told him, “I saw Jesus in my dream! I believe He is my God and Savior!” My friend was so happy for me, then he prayed with me on the phone, thanking Jesus for leading me to the full truth and encouraging me to submit my life fully to Him. During that prayer together, for the first time, I prayed in the name of Jesus.

Now I can see how God led me to the website, helped me understand my dreams and answered my questions. I see His leading through the months of study when I learned so much, then sealing the truth in my heart with the dream of the Man in White. I am still growing in the knowledge of my Savior and Lord. Please, keep me in your prayers.

Daha Fazla İçerik