Jamshid’s Story

My name is Jamshid, and I am from Afghanistan. I was born and raised in a very religious family; this is what many families in my country are doing. Because of poverty, I could not complete my studies. From an early age, like many children in Afghanistan, I started working to help my family. Like many young Afghans, I got married when I was 19 years old. After a short period of time God blessed us with the birth of a son. Our life was very simple but we were happy.

When my son was two years old, my wife and son were kidnapped by one of the tribes. I tried to search for them, but I could not find them. After a while, I received threats from my wife’s family to kill me if I could not find their daughter. I did not have the ability to do so, for it required money, men and weapons. After repeated threats, I decided to leave the country in 2000. I left my country and traveled among several neighboring countries. After many problems and difficulties, I ended up in Syria. There I encountered some difficulties as I did not speak Arabic. I needed a job to survive, but I could not find one for a long time.

After a while, I got a job in a bakery, and I was sleeping in the same place. The owner of the bakery was a Lebanese Christian. According to my thinking, he was an infidel. I didn’t want to work for him, but I badly needed the job.

My employer was kind to me and treated me very well, and that was troubling to me. How could he do that? He was not a Muslim. He was an infidel who did not know the True God. This prompted me to ask him one day, “Why do you treat me this way even though you know what is think about you and your religion?”

He answered me, “This is what the Lord taught me to do—love, forgive, and pray for my enemies.”

This answer has shocked me. I was very touched by it. What a difference between this person whom I called an infidel and those I call believers of my own religion! This man treated me so much better! How does his God teach him love, forgiveness and prayer for enemies while we call for slaughter?

One day my employer invited me to accompany him to church. This was the first time I had been invited to go to a church. I hesitated at first, but I said I would try. This was the first time in my life I had entered a church. I was a little afraid, but the people were amazing. They greeted me with smiles and joy. I have never forgotten these moments in my life.

I loved the church, but at the same time I was afraid. I wanted to know more. Why were they different? What was the secret of their joy, happiness and peace? What made the difference between them and me?

I was registered as a refugee, and I used to visit the UN Office in Damascus. One day, I saw an advertisement for a Bible study for refugee families, so I decided to register my name, but I was afraid someone might discover what I was doing. I was nervous and confused and unable to sleep. I knew I had to make a decision.

God does not leave us in dilemmas. After two days of internal conflict, I was sleeping one night when I heard a voice saying, “Do not be afraid.” The voice made me feel comfortable and peaceful. I woke up, and no one was in the room. The next night I heard the same voice: “Do not be afraid.” I woke up the next morning feeling an indescribable joy. My fears finally faded away. How wonderful is that voice that dispels fear and confusion! I knew that this was a voice from God helping me not to fear and encouraging me to participate in Bible studies.

One day during my visit to the UN office, I saw a group of people gathered around the ads place. One of the ads was for an Arabic class. Three people were required to start these lessons, but I thought it was impossible to have other people interested in learning Arabic. However, God’s ways are different from our ways. A week later, I received a call from the UN office that there were other people interested, so the Arabic class registration was open, and the study would be every Thursday.

I did not enter school because of our living conditions, but God’s ways are wondrous. God brought a person who helped me to meditate on the Word of the Lord and hear His Word. I was overwhelmed by happiness, and I was taught by the same person to read and write in my language. This was a miracle from God.

I grow in the knowledge of the Person of the Lord Jesus and His infinite love day by day, and I accept Him as Savior and Lord of my life. Life with the Lord Jesus is full of happiness, and I feel Him with me in all circumstances, even the most difficult. My prayer is that you will accept Jesus as your personal Savior.

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