Seeing the Injil in a Dream

In the book Perfuming the Sleep in the Expression of a Dream, Nabulsi said, “Whoever is a Muslim and sees that he has the Book of the Injil will be devoted to worship and asceticism, and perhaps the Injil denotes isolation. If the seer has influence or strength, then his/her vision or dream expresses oppression of enemies or the prevention of grievances.”

Seeing the Injil symbolizes fulfilling a human message or responsibility. These tasks may be arduous because the Injil describes the suffering of Isa Al-Masih (His peace be upon us) while communicating His message to the world. As for the purchase of the Injil in a dream, this may signify an important knowledge gain and broad knowledge.

Seeing the Injil at home means that the house will witness good news soon.

The Injil in a dream is good news to the dreamer. If they have any hopes that something will happen, and they see the gospel in a dream, then he will achieve the hope.

The Injil in some old interpretations is a salvation from worries and sorrows. So, if the dreamer was distressed and saw in their dream that they were reading or browsing the Injil, they would escape anxiety, anguish and all sorrows.

Seeing the Injil in a patient’s dream expresses healing. If the sick person sees themselves holding the Injil, then by Allah’s mercy they will recover.

The Injil in a dream represents a covenant. It is a symbol of repentance because the Injil includes the New Testament from the Bible, and the term New Testament (Covenant) indicates constructive change or beneficial renewal.

The Injil also symbolizes pardon and forgiveness because its vision expresses tolerance, restlessness, and peace.

Seeing the Injil in a dream has many indications and meanings. Most of the interpretations given of the Injil are based on verbal and functional significance. The word “gospel or Injil” is of Greek origin and means good news or good tidings.

According to the significance of the word, seeing the Injil in the dream has positive meanings. It is a sign of good or joyful news, and it indicates that a comprehensive and positive change has occurred in the seer’s life. The Injil is the New Testament, so if the Injil appears in the dream, its significance means renewal, whether on the level of the spiritual life, social status, existence, or otherwise.

But if we rely on the functional significance of the Injil in mindfulness as a divine holy book, then seeing it in a dream means salvation or deliverance, because this book describes the journey of Isa Al-Masih (His peace be upon us) from His birth until His crucifixion and resurrection on the third day, for He came to this world to save man from sin.

Seeing the Injil in a dream symbolizes the salvation of the seer from sins or mistakes, as the Injil also indicates healing from sickness or illness. It also symbolizes spiritual and moral transcendence, and it is the interpretation of a sincere statement or news that is certain to happen.

In some ancient interpretations, the Injil in dreams indicates redemption, and it was said to symbolize the witness for those who were litigating or contesting. If the dreamer sees it written in the Arabic language, then he/she is a witness of truth, justice, and fairness.

The vision of the Injil in the dream of someone sick is a cure, and it is good news for the distressed, sad, innocent, and the prisoner wishing to be set free. The Injil also indicates for scholars and educators the wisdom of the seer and his knowledge. Whoever sees themselves in a dream reading the Injil is knowledgeable in religion or learns what benefits people, and the Injil symbolizes happy and good news.

You will be blessed if you will spend time reading and learning more about the Injil. You can find a copy of the Injil in the source section. Spend time reading the Injil, and don’t forget to share with us your dream.

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