Ibrahim’s Story

Allow me to introduce myself, and my name is Ibrahim. I am honored to be named after the esteemed father of faith, Prophet Ibrahim. Originally from Syria, I now live outside my homeland due to the ongoing conflict and war that has ravaged my beloved country. I want to share a dream I recently experienced and sincerely desire to share it with you.

I experienced a profound and spiritual dream that filled my heart with awe and wonder. In the depths of my slumber, I found myself transported to a place beyond time and space, where reality merged with the ethereal. There, I beheld the presence of Sayidna Isa (His peace be upon us), seated upon a resplendent white throne.

As I gazed upon Him, my eyes were captivated by the radiant light that enveloped His being, emanating from every pore. His face, adorned with indescribable beauty, shone with a divine glow that transcended any earthly description. In His presence, I felt a profound sense of peace and love, as if all the worries and burdens of the world had melted away.

Surrounding Sayidna Isa (His peace be upon us) were countless angels, their celestial forms resplendent in their devotion. They bowed before Him in adoration and sang hymns of praise with voices that echoed through the heavens. The melodies soared through the air, harmonizing with the joyous chorus of people from all nations and races who had gathered before the throne.

In this celestial assembly, I witnessed a tapestry of diversity, where individuals from every corner of the world were united in their worship. The colors of their skin and the languages they spoke mattered not, for their hearts beat as one in devotion to the divine presence before them. The atmosphere was infused with an overwhelming sense of joy as tears of gratitude and elation flowed freely from the eyes of those who beheld Sayidna Isa (His peace be upon us).

Then, a gentle voice called out to me from amidst the gathering. It was a voice filled with love and compassion, inviting me to join the celestial chorus. Overwhelmed with joy, I found myself compelled to step forward, my heart bursting with a desire to express my reverence and adoration for the divine being seated on the throne.

As I approached, my senses were enveloped by the divine light that radiated from Sayidna Isa (His peace be upon us). In His presence, I felt a deep sense of belonging and purpose, as if all the fragments of my existence had converted into a single, harmonious melody. The heavenly chorus welcomed me with open arms, and I joined my voice with theirs, singing praises to the One who had bestowed this ineffable experience of unity and divine love upon us.

At that moment, I realized this dream was more than a heavenly dream. It was a glimpse into the eternal truth that lies beyond the physical realm—a truth that echoes the teachings of the scriptures and the spiritual wisdom passed down through the ages. It was a reminder that, regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs, we are all interconnected, united by a universal bond of love and devotion to a higher power.

As the dream began to fade and the dawn of a new day approached, I carried the memory of that heavenly gathering with me. It became an example of hope, reminding me that amidst the challenges and trials of life, there is a greater reality—a reality where love reigns supreme, and all souls find comfort in the hold of the divine. And so, with renewed faith and a heart filled with gratitude, I started my journey, forever changed by the profound spiritual encounter I had witnessed in my dream.

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