Maryam’s Story

I can still vividly recall the days when my father’s illness weighed heavily on my heart. It was a time of deep concern and worry. I would recite healing duas for him with unwavering faith, hoping for a miraculous recovery. But as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, my father’s condition remained unchanged. Doubt began to seep into my thoughts, and I found myself questioning why my prayers seemed to go unanswered.

One evening, overwhelmed by my emotions, I fell to the floor praying and cried out to Allah. Tears streamed down my face as I pleaded, “Why, Allah, are you not answering me? Have you forsaken me and my father in our time of need? Please, answer my prayers and duas!”

That night, as I laid myself to rest, a dream unfolded before me like no other. I found myself standing in a place of serene beauty, enveloped by a soft, radiant light. And then, from the midst of that luminosity, a figure emerged Prophet Isa Al-Masih (His peace be upon us).

Prophet Isa (His peace be upon us) stood before me, clothed in garments of pure white, his countenance glowing with an otherworldly serenity. All my doubts and fears dissolved in his presence, replaced by a profound sense of peace and comfort.

He approached me with compassion in His eyes and extended His hand toward my ailing father. As His hand gently touched my father’s forehead, a wave of warmth and healing energy swept through his body. I watched in awe as my father’s face transformed, and the pain that had etched lines upon it seemed to melt away, replaced by a peaceful smile.

Prophet Isa (His peace be upon us) turned His gaze towards me, and His voice, soft and tender, resonated within my very soul. “My dear child, Maryam,” He spoke, “I have healed your father. Never doubt the power of your prayers, for I always hear the voices of my children. Trust in My wisdom and have faith in My plan.” He continued, “I care about you; all you need is to trust and follow me.” He then blessed me.

I woke up, my heart racing, unable to believe the miracle that had unfolded before me. Filled with hope and anticipation, I hurriedly made my way to my father’s room. And there he was, sitting up in bed, his eyes bright and filled with joy. It was as if he had been granted a new lease on life, untouched by the illness that had plagued him for so long.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, I prostrated myself in prayer, offering thanks for the miraculous healing bestowed upon my father. And at that moment, I also expressed my deepest gratitude to Prophet Isa (His peace be upon us), the Word of Allah, whose visitation in my dream had not only healed my father but had also infused my heart with unwavering faith.

Since that extraordinary encounter, my faith has been unshakable. I share the story of my father’s miraculous healing with all who will listen, a testament to the power of Prophet Isa (His peace be upon us), prayer, the reality of divine intervention, and the boundless love and care that Prophet Isa (His peace be upon us) has for all people.

I have come to understand that Allah’s ways are beyond human comprehension, and His answers may come in ways we least expect. I have learned to surrender to His divine will, to trust in His infinite wisdom, and to find solace in the knowledge that our prayers are always heard.

The visitation of Prophet Isa (His peace be upon us) and the healing of my father serve as constant reminders of the mercy and blessings that flow from Allah’s benevolent hand. I am forever grateful for this profound experience, for it has strengthened my connection to the divine and solidified my resolve to walk the path of faith.

And so, the story of my father’s miraculous healing continues to inspire all who hear it—a testament to the unwavering power of faith, the reality of divine intervention, and the boundless love and care that Allah and His Word, Isa Al-Masih (His peace be upon us), extend to us.

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