Whose Son is Isa Al-Masih?

There have been many arguments about Isa Al-Masih, who He is? The Qur’an repeats that people are in doubt about the person of Isa Al-Masih, for example:

  • “That is Jesus son of Mary, the statement of truth, about whom they are doubting.” (Mariam 19: 34)
  • “And the various sects differed among themselves” (Mariam 19: 37)
  • “And the various sects differed among themselves” (Al-Zukhruf 43: 65)
  • “Those who differed about him in doubt of him” (Al-Nisa 4: 157)

But why are there arguments and doubts? Let us see what the Holy Bible and the Qur’an say about Isa Al-Masih. The Qur’an teaches that Jesus is The Word of God (Kalimatullah), the Spirit of God (Ruhullah) (4:171), the Messiah (Al-Masih) (3:45; 4.157; 4.172;  5.17; 5.72; 5.75;  9:31), worthy of esteem in this world and the next (Wajeeh) (3:45), and blessed (Mubarak) (19:31). We read in Qur’an about His virgin birth (3:42-47; 19:16-31), His marvelous works (3:49; 5:110), His death, resurrection and ascension (4:157; 19:33,34; 3:55; 4:158) and we read about His second coming in (43:57-61).

Virgin Birth
The Qur’an describes the virgin Birth:

  • “She protected her chastity, so we breathed into her of our Spirit, and made her and her son a miracle for all mankind.” (Al-Anbia 21: 91)
  • “Mary daughter of Imran who protected her chastity, and we breathed into her womb of our Spirit, and she believed the words of her Lord.” (Al-Tahrim 66: 12)
  • “Christ Jesus, son of Mary, God’s messenger, and his word which he sent to Mary and a spirit from him.”  (Al-Nisa 4:  171)
  • “Since the angels said, Mary, God has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above all women in the world.”  (Al-Imran 3:42)
  • “Since the angels said, Mary, God is giving you good news of a word from him, whose name is Christ Jesus son of Mary, and he will be highly honored and famous in this world and the hereafter, and brought near to God…She said, Lord, how can I have a boy when no man has ever touched me?” (Al-Imran 3: 45 & 47)
  • “He said, I am truly a messenger sent from your Lord to give you a sinless boy.  She said, How can I have a boy when no man has ever touched me, nor have I been a prostitute?  He said, This is what your Lord says: It is easy for me, and we will make him a miracle to all men, and mercy from us, and it was a predestined matter.  So she became pregnant with him and went far away.” (Mariam 19: 19-22)

The Holy Bible also describes the virgin Birth:

  • “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and he will be called Emmanuel, which means ‘God is with.’”  (Tawrat Isaiah 7:14)
  • God sent the angel Gabriel to a virgin in the city of Nazareth in Galilee named Mary, who was engaged to a man named Joseph, who was descended from King David.  When the angel came to her, he said, ‘God’s peace be upon you whom God has blessed.  God is with you.’  Mary was afraid and wondered at the greeting. The angel said, ‘Don’t be afraid, Mary.  God is pleased with you.  You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, whom you shall name Jesus.  He will be great, and people will call him Son of God Most High.   Almighty God will give him the throne of his ancestor David, and he will rule over the people of Israel forever.   His kingdom will never end.’  Mary asked the angel, ‘How can this be, since I am a virgin, and no man has lain with me?’  The angel answered, ‘The Holy Spirit will come to you and the power of the Most High God will overshadow you, so that your child will be sinless, and will be called the Son of God.  Your relative Elizabeth is pregnant in her old age, and is now in her sixth month. Nothing is impossible for God.’  Mary said, ‘I am God’s servant.  Let what you said happen to me.’  Then the angel left her.” (Injil Luke 1:26-38)

Both the Holy Bible and the Qur’an describe that God breathed into Mary (Al-Anbiya 21:91) or into her womb (Al-Tahrim 66:12) of his Spirit (God’s Spirit), and Mary then became pregnant and gave birth to Isa Al-Masih. Do you see any mention of sexual relations in these passages?  No, God forbid! God breathed into her! 
When the Holy Bible uses the term “Son of God,” it does not mean that God has married or that He has had sexual relations. Nor does it deny the oneness of God.  On the contrary, we can know that the birth of Isa Al-Masih son of Mary was by a breath of God’s Spirit.

What makes a son a son to a Father?
1- Carries the blood of the father. Isa has no earthly biological father, from where did He get His blood? That’s why we call Him “Son of God”.

2- Carries the name of the father, Isa Al-Masih has no earthy biological father, so He carries God’s Name. That’s why we call Him “Son of God”.

3- Carries the nature and characteristics of the father, Isa Al-Masih has no earthy biological father, so He carries the nature and the characteristics of the Heavenly Father. That’s why we call Him “Son of God”.

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