Is the vision of Allah Almighty true in dreams?

In a Hadith Qudsy we read, “Narrated by Ibn Abbas from the Prophet that he said: ‘Tonight, my Lord, may God be blessed and exalted appeared to me in the best image …’” (Narrated by Imam Ahmad (16026) and Tirmidhi (3159).

Al-Hafez said that the people of the scholars said that it is possible to see the Almighty in a dream, and His vision needed interpretation always.

Al-Ghazali said, such as those who see Allah in a dream, His Deity cannot take any form and image, but His Deity ends with a specific definition to the slave by a tangible example of light or other, and that example it true in being a mode of definition. The dreamer will say: I saw God in a dream, but this does not mean that he saw the Being of God, as he can say in the case of other objects.

Al-Nawawi said explaining Sahih Muslim, Ayad said, the scholars agreed that it is permissible to see Allah in a dream, and this is true.

Al-Baghawi said in his book Sharh Al-Sunnah, seeing God in a dream is permissible, if one sees Allah, and He promises paradise, forgiveness or escaping fire, His words and promises are true. If he sees Him looking at him, it is His mercy, and if he sees him looking somewhere else, it is a warning of sins.

I will share here some of what was said concerning the interpretation of dreaming of God Almighty:

  • The vision of God Almighty in a dream a sign of good tidings and evidence of true religion.
  • If the dreamer finds God in a body of light, then this is good news for the great good that will be obtained by God’s permission.
  • The vision of God in a dream talking and looking at the dreamer is proof that God Almighty will grant him mercy and increases His grace upon him.
  • If a person finds that he is speaking to Allah and is close to Him, then this is a good thing for this shows Allah’s satisfaction.
  • The vision of God Almighty in the form of a human being in a dream is evidence that the dreamer is righteous and right.
  • Hearing a voice in the dream as the voice of God shows the significance of the great position and the great thing that the dreamer will receive.
  • If the dreamer finds in a dream that God Almighty mentions him in heaven or calls him by his name, then that is a sign of Allah’s satisfaction.
  • When the dreamer sees God Almighty in the condition of acceptance, good tidings, pleasure and joy in a dream, this may indicate that the dreamer will meet God on the Day of Resurrection.
  • When the dreamer sees God Almighty and is able to look at Him in the dream, this may indicate that the dreamer will be a good servant in the world and enter paradise in the hereafter.
  • When the dreamer sees God warning him of things in a dream, this may indicate that he lives in disobedience and must turn and repent.
  • When the dreamer sees himself in the hands of God in a region he knows, this may indicate that this region will be covered with blessings and goodness. The oppressed will prevail and defeat the oppressors.
  • Talking with God in the dream behind a cover or veil is a sign of the goodness of the dreamer and righteousness of the heart.
  • The vision of God Almighty is an evidence of the healing of the patient, security from fear, and good tidings to human beings in general to grant the desires of their hearts, if it was behind a veil.

So seeing God in a dream is permissible. It is good news of God’s acceptance, an expression of His grace and mercy, the forgiveness of sins, and acceptance of piety. Furthermore, it is an evidence of healing from disease and safety from fear.

Allah is speaking today through dreams and visions. When we understand the true interpretations of these dreams, we can live according to His purpose. He may be speaking to you right now. What is your response? Seeking to understand the nature and purpose of your dream is very important. We are committed to helping you understanding your God-given dream(s).

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Rashid · August 18, 2019 at 4:58 am

In my dream I saw Allah in human form then I prostrated before him. He then touch my head while still prostrating then he was speaking to me although I cant remember the words. What does it mean?

    Abed Al-Salam · August 19, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Dear Rashid, thank you for sharing your dream with us.
    Can you please describe the Almighty as you have seen Him in your dream?
    My understanding that He is blessing you by touching your head. If you are passing through some difficult times He wants to let you know He cares about you, and in fact He wants you to focus on a new knowledge and to know Him personally in a new way. Looking forward to hear from you.

      Ne'matullah · September 23, 2019 at 12:22 am

      Let me share my dream.
      I saw myself in hell, I was tortured and punished with unheard and with unimaginable tortures. I was in a room (window camera) alone but I could clearly see other many rooms where others were being punished…
      Then I found myself in different place and a light or something in human shape came and started conversation with me… He said I am your Allah and do you know why you have been tortured and punished? I said yes I know. He said here’s your book of deeds where everything you have done been recorded and if you have doubts I can read and remind you of them? I said no, no, no, please don’t do that I know and I admit all you say. I didn’t want my book of deeds to be read so others could hear it…
      He said: If you don’t want this to happen you must pray and be stable on your prayers. Not praying has brought you here. Don’t worry about other obligations but be very careful on your prayers because praying is key to other obligations and deeds. You can do whatever you feel like doing but be very serious about your prayers…
      Then I woke up. I was shocked. Is it possible to see such dream? What does it mean?

        Abed Al-Salam · September 26, 2019 at 7:17 pm

        Thank you for writing and sharing with us your dream.

        I have one question for you my friend, what is prayer? I believe prayer is an act as many of us believe, prayer is a relationship with God the Al-Mighty. So, when God is asking you to keep praying, He is asking you to keep your relationship with Him the first and the last in your life. Your relationship to God determines all other obligations and deeds.

          Amanullah · December 9, 2019 at 10:18 pm

          Asalaam alaikum, So this this has happened in the near past with me and I wanted to share it with someone and I was not sure of telling this to my family members. So about the dream before I went to sleep I asked Allah to guide me as I was going through some confusion about an Islamic problem . Then I went to sleep and I woke up at 3 o clock in the morning. I wasn’t able to recollect the dream quickly but after some time I remembered that Allah came to me in the form of a man but I could not see his face it was covered and standing in his presence I froze and could not utter a word. After some time I was only able to speak infront of Allah one thing I was only able to say Asalaam alaikum. And then the almighty replied walaikum mussalam and then I woke up. What are your thoughts about it. Waiting for your answer brother

          Abed Al-Salam · December 10, 2019 at 6:42 pm

          Wa Alaikum Alsalam, thank you for writing and sharing your dream with us. I would like to get more information from you. Yes, God appears in dreams to lead us and answer our questions and doubts. His face was covered by Light?
          Please, you can write to me at
          Looking forward to hear from you.

      Ne'matullah · September 23, 2019 at 12:25 am

      Assalaam aleykum

        Abed Al-Salam · September 26, 2019 at 7:18 pm

        Wa Aleykum Al-Salam

        Ne'matullah · September 27, 2019 at 6:08 am

        Prayer I mean sola (prayer that we Muslim people do 5 times a day)

          Abed Al-Salam · September 27, 2019 at 12:59 pm

          Salat (prayer) is not the act, but as I told you the relationship with God. We have been focusing all the way on the act of prayer, we need to go back to the true meaning of Salat building a close relationship with God. So, God is calling you back to that relationship with Him. (Qaaf 50: 16)

Kamola · February 24, 2020 at 7:23 pm

Assalomu Alaykum,recently I cant remember the exact time But I saw Allah in the form of light,it was big sun and aside the sun nuur light was shining,and I saw I couldnt stop myself from crying ,even i asked him to live long

    Abed Al-Salam · February 26, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    Wa Alaykum Al-Salam, thank you for writing. I am very happy to help you. God is the Light of the world, without Him there is no life. So, in fact you need His light in your life. Whenever you’re at the presence of light, it shows us the dark places we didn’t know. As you said, even though that you have seen Him as the sun surrounded with noor, it didn’t burn you, God is Holy and we cannot come to His presence, but He showed you how much He loves you. Know that I am praying for you.

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