Nasrin’s Story

My name is Nasrin. I am from Iran and have a Kurdish background. I was raised to be faithful to my Muslim religious heritage and perform its obligatory duties, such as praying, fasting and paying zakat and hajj.

My husband and I were living a good life. My husband had a company and two partners. Unfortunately, one of the partners used to write checks without having enough money in the bank account. That led to a lot of problems. About seven years ago, the mounting difficulties made my husband and I leave Iran to become refugees in Turkey.

While living in Turkey, we were constantly fearful, facing persecution because the citizens looked down on refugees and did not give them rights. We were also afraid of returning or being deported to Iran. Because of these circumstances, we wholeheartedly chose the inconvenience and dangers of being smuggled from Turkey to another neighboring country. It seemed the only way for us to reach a safe country as a family.

While we were staying at a hotel in Istanbul, a smuggler told us that we would be heading to Greece soon. I was afraid of what might happen to us. What if the authorities caught us? What would happen to my son and daughter? As a mother, I needed to make sure that my children were safe and would not be in danger or suffer. So, I prayed to Allah to help us make the right decisions. 

Early the following morning, I dreamed that I was in a narrow alley full of evil, knife-wielding people. Then I noticed a bright light, like sunlight in strength. I did not know what it was, but I ran straight towards that light until I reached it. There sat a middle-aged man with a bright and kind face. I hurriedly asked him about the road and said, “I’m lost.”

“Do not be afraid,” he said. Then he put his kind hand on my head. A strange calm overtook my whole being, as he twice repeated, “Do not be afraid.”

“How can I not be afraid when I have no one here?” I replied.

“I will calm you down,” came his reply. He felt like a light shining within me. Then he gave me a book and said, “This book is the way and the truth. Follow this book.” When I opened the book, it was the Injil. I turned around and looked behind me, finding a quiet and peaceful alley. I then woke up.

After a while, I remembered that there in Turkey was a Kurdish believer from the same city we come from in Iran. We were neighbors for a few years. He and his family were very spiritual. We could trust them and ask them spiritual questions and heed their advice. I called the Kurdish-speaking believer and talked to him about my dream. He gave me a beautiful interpretation. He also asked me if I wanted a copy of the Injil to help me understand Allah’s will for my family and me. I gladly accepted.

Over the next two years, he visited us, teaching us the will of Allah and His love shared through Isa Al-Masih. Our family then decided to get baptized. It was such a tremendous pleasure to be baptized by our Kurdish friend, who had become like a spiritual father to us. We now serve the Lord and the church.

Everything I have shared is the result of love. In love, Allah sent me a dream. In love, a faithful follower of Allah helped me understand my dream and helped my family and me grow in the knowledge of Allah’s love toward humanity. Please, pray for us continually—that our love for and understanding of Allah will continue to grow and that He will continue using us to help others know Him and join the Kingdom of Allah.

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