Zainab’s Story

My name is Zainab. I was born in Iran. While I was still young, my parents fled to another country. When I was seven years old, I had a dream.

I dreamed that I was standing on a narrow pedestrian path on one side of a wide road. Standing a few feet in front of me was Jesus. He turned around and asked, “Do you want to follow me?”

“Yes, I do,” I said.

Asking again, He said, “Are you sure you want to follow me?”

“Yes, I am sure,” I replied.

He turned around and started walking. I followed behind Him, and we walked for several hours. Though it felt like a very long walk, I did not get tired, and neither did He.

Out of nowhere, two or three shops appear on the other side of the road with people passing out all sorts of free and luxurious items. The shops and the objects which filled them were very shiny, glittery and sparkling. Huge crowds went in and out of these shops. The people seemed very happy. I suddenly had an urge to take part and get these things for myself, too.

I began to argue with myself about whether I should go and get these things or not. I told myself that if I went, Jesus wouldn’t even know because He was walking in front of me, and He would not find out. I could hurry and collect the things, then come back and continue following him. Right after the voice in my head said this, I felt ashamed of myself and told the voice to stop. I said to my heart, No! I will only follow Jesus and will not go towards those shops.

It was as if Jesus knew everything in my head and thoughts. As soon as I decided to only follow Him, He stopped—as if He was listening to the conversation in my head and heart. I stopped, too. He started levitating in the air. When He was a couple of feet in the air, He turned around and stretched His arm towards me. I walked towards Him, grabbed His hand, and started rising.

We kept ascending into the sky and clouds until we reached what I felt certain was Heaven. It was vast. On one side were many angels singing in a majestic voice a song of worship, praising God. There were so many angels that I don’t know whether to say millions or billions or more! Their voices were unlike anything I had ever heard. I wanted to be one of them and join in singing songs of worship.

On one side, I saw what looked like a castle or a church or a temple. I do not know which to call it because it looked like all three. Everything was made of gold. As I looked at it, I said to Jesus, “This is beautiful!”

“Do you want to look inside?” He asked.

“Yes!” I exclaimed excitedly, eager to see what was inside.

As soon as we approached the building, gigantic and beautiful gold doors opened on their own. Inside were many gold treasure chests overflowing with gold, gems and jewelry.

My eyes pass from the chests to the splendid architecture and the radiant light cascading through the windows, reflecting harmoniously onto the gold. It appeared as if this holy structure was either one with the light or made of the light. I turned around, saying to Jesus as He stood in the middle of the two doors, “It’s so beautiful!”

He responded with a smile that felt like He used it to hug me. His smile made me feel love and peace that I have never felt before and will never forget. Whenever I think of it, I want that moment to pause and never pass.

I feel that Jesus had multiple reasons for showing me this dream, including sharing it with others, blessing them. I trust that through this testimony, God will be able to work in the hearts of many, bringing glory to Himself as He saves His people.

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  1. A friend just shared your site with me and I’m reading one article after another. Beautiful stories that inspire us to keep following our Lord and Saviour! Thank you!

    1. Assalamo alaykum, Celi. We are happy that you are enjoying the content shared here. Do not hesitate to share it with others and send us your questions and/or suggestions. God bless you always.

  2. Peace be unto you all. What a beautiful story that inspires me to hope and share. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Jidauna. Feel free to share this article with your friends and if you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to write us. Be blessed always.

    1. Aleykum al-salam, Suzan. Thank you for your kind and encouraging message. May Allah bless you always. Please don’t hesitate to share our articles with others and send us your questions.

  3. سڵاوتان لێ بیت ، منیش زۆر جار خه‌ون به مه‌سیحه‌وه ده‌بینم که داوام لێده‌کات که‌ شوێنی بکه‌وم ، من له ئێران ده‌ژیم و بۆمان نیه بتوانین بچین بۆ کلیسا سپاستان ئه‌که‌م ڕینوێنیم بکه‌ن که چی بکه‌م؟

    1. سڵاو هیوا ، سوپاس بۆ ئەوەی نامەتان بۆ نووسیین و خەونه‌که‌تان لەگەڵ ئێمە هاوبەش کرد، مەسیح داوای لێکردوی کە شوێن ئەو بکەوی و مەشقی لێوه‌رگری، چون بانگهێشتنەکەی بۆ هەموو نەتەوەکانه” کەواتە بڕۆن، هەموو نەتەوەکان بکەنە قوتابی، بە ناوی باوک و کوڕ و ڕۆحی پیرۆز لە ئاویان هەڵبکێشن، فێریان بکەن با کار بکەن بە هەموو ئەو شتانەی کە ڕامسپاردوون. دڵنیابن من هەموو ڕۆژێک لەگەڵتانم، هەتا کۆتایی زەمان” (مه‌تا ٢٨: ١٩-٢٠). تکایە ماڵپەڕەکەمان بەکاربێنە بۆ خوێندنەوەی زیاتر و پەیوەندیمان پێوە بکە ئەگەر هه‌ر پرسیارێکت هەبوو. بەرەکەتی خوداتان لێ بێت.

  4. Salam, I have been following your website for a while now, I am really happy with it and the stories you share. I had a dream of Sayidna Issa (as) when I was 14 years old, he asked me to follow him and we walked in a narrow path, then that path leads to a beautiful city. Please, continue sharing these dreams. May Allah bless you.

    1. Aleykum al-salam, Malak. We are happy to hear that you like the content shared here and that you have been blessed. Seeing Isa Al-Masih (may His peace be upon us) is a sign of the sincerity of your heart. He invited you to walk the narrow path that leads to eternal life: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” – Injil, Matthew 7:13-14. In fact, Isa is the Straight Path and wants you to know and trust him. May Allah protect you and bless you abundantly, do not hesitate to send us your questions and suggestions.

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