Mustafa’s Story

My name is Mustafa. I come from the Middle East, but I am now living in the U.S. I got married here to a Christian woman. We were living happily, and I developed a good relationship with dedicated Christians. Then I suddenly lost my wife to a stroke. Our friends came to share in my grief. I felt powerless and wondered if there was any sort of prayer that would have kept her alive, anything that could tap into the invisible resources of power.

In the months after her death, I was left with many question and intense grief. I was in a foreign land with a two-year-old daughter and without peace. My Christian friends kept visiting, and we bonded over pain. We often talked about God, but it was clear that I was on unique journey to “touch Jesus’ mantle.” God needed to show Himself powerful and personal to me.

Most Muslims do not doubt God’s existence. Their question is different: is He present? Does God show up when I am in need? I often found myself exploring esoteric videos on YouTube and having dreams in which evil spirits would harass me. But I was not afraid.

Then, near the end of Ramadan, I had a dream unlike any other. In my dream I was in a house. Inside there were wild animals devouring cows. There were five animals and a sixth one that looked like a hyena, but he was another animal in disguise. I watched the animals and pushed them to leave. The last one refused, so I had to hit it hard. Then I heard a voice coming from the radio announcing that something big was happening in the sky. I felt like I knew about it, but I had forgotten it.

I went out of the house and saw what looked like a large clock in the sky, as big as a building. It had Roman numerals, and it was made of transparent glass, front and back. People from all over were flocking to the clock. I could not see the time on the clock but saw clearly that inside of the clock there were gears moving slowly. On the numbers representing the time I saw small people moving.

While I watched, my Christian friend showed up and put his arm around my shoulders and asked me if I could remember the color of the clock, to which I responded, “Yes, yellow.” Then I woke up.

I went to see my Christian friends to tell them about the dream. To my amazement, in their living room I saw the clock from my dream! It was a sign to both of us that we were supposed to navigate this dream together. They helped me to understand my dream.

In my dream the home is a place of dwelling and safety, but instead there were wild animals devouring the good and tame animals. Just like in Yusuf’s dreams, animals eating each other are a sign of calamity.

The animals are wild and destructive, but among the animals there is a deceptive one. The hyenas and wild cats represent people who attack others. The deceiving animal, the last one to leave the house, represents Satan, whose name means deceiver. I chased this animal, and it resisted because it was the one instigating the others to do its bidding.

The radio announcer represents God’s people who announce the coming of the Hour and tell us about its signs. I knew about the Hour, but the radio announcer reminded me of that which I had forgotten. These are the faithful people announcing about the Hour and pointing people to it.

In my dream the scene changed from the house on earth to heaven. God wanted me to see what He is doing and not to focus on cleaning the house myself. The Hour, and not the house, is what was important at that time.

The clock represents the Hour. “And indeed, Jesus will be a sign for the Hour, so be not in doubt of it, and follow Me. This is a straight path” (Qur’an 43:61). This clock confirms what is recorded in (Injil, Revelation 1:7) “Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him— even those who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him.”

What is the meaning? God is showing me that the Hour is near. The clock is transparent so that people from the East and the West would be able to see it. They flock to it, recognizing its great importance. The interconnected gears inside of it represent generations after generations that are connected, forming one community of God’s people. They are inside of the clock, for they have been faithful in their generations, and now they are saved and sealed. The people moving inside of the clock show that in history there is a movement of people who are not afraid of the Day of Judgment, nor do they grieve, for they are saved since they have received Al-Masih who has the power of the Day of Judgment.

Finally, God has provided me with a fellow sojourner to walk this journey on the Straight path, a spiritual brother who desires to grow with me and closer to God. God showed me that the time is near, and that I could be part of God’s last-day people inside the clock. I am on a journey to know more about Isa Al-Masih and the beliefs of my friends.

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