Je m’appelle Sahar; je suis né et j’ai grandi en Iran. Je viens de une famille instruite et religieuse, qui valorise et exerce les fonctions islamiques.

Un jour, mon père est rentré du travail, s’est assis dans le salon et a attendu le dîner. Quand ma mère l’a appelé, elle a remarqué qu’il est immobile. Ma mère a appelé les voisins et les amis pour l’aide, et puis il était transporté à l’hôpital. Toutes nos ressources disponibles ont été utilisées, mais rien n’a étais arrivé. Les médecins ne pouvaient pas donner d’explication et ils ne savaient pas comment pour le soigner. Par conséquent, mon père a était à la maison pendant des mois.

Un jour, alors que ma mère marchait dehors, elle a rencontré un des amis de mon père qui ne vivaient plus dans cette ville. Cet ami avait déménagé à un pays différent en raison d’être persécuté dans cette région pour être Christian. Ma mère lui a parlé de la situation de papa, qui était déjà au lit pour 50 jours sans aucun mouvement. Elle lui a également dit que les médecins ne pouvaient pas faire quoi que ce soit à ce sujet et que la seule chose qu’il avait était son souffle.

L’homme, qui n’avait pas vu mon père depuis un certain temps, a demandé de façon très aimable s’il pouvait nous visiter et apporter un ami qui était un médecin. Ma mère l’a invité à venir et que nous l’attendions avec impatience.

Le lendemain, l’ami de mon père est venu rendre visite; après saluant ma mère, mon frère et moi, il est allé directement à la chambre de papa où il étais immobile. Maman a trouvé étrange qu’il est venu par lui-même comme il a promis de apporter un amie qui est médecin, mais elle n’a rien dit. Pendant que dans la chambre il s’approcha de mon père et pria puissamment, criant au médecin des médecins pour toucher et rétablir la santé de son ami. La porte de la chambre avait un trou et j'avais 4 ans, j'ai resté là à regarder tout ce qui se passait à l’intérieur de la chambre.

Quand l’homme a fini de prier, il nous disait au revoir. Je regardais la chambre et j’ai vu mon père bouger dans le lit, J’ai commencé à crier que papa a bougé. Tandis que tout le monde regardait le lit, ils étaient étonnés et sont retournés à l’intérieur de la chambre, mon père a repris ses mouvements normaux. En se réveillant, il a posé quelques questions et quelques heures plus tard, il était de retour à sa vie normale.Il ne se souvenait pas d’être malade. Tout le monde dans la famille était complètement étonné. Comment était-ce possible? Que s’est-il passé? Qui est ce Dieu? Où pouvons-nous trouver ce Dieu?

Cet homme a commencé à nous parler de Dieu le créateur de tout choses, au sujet de (Isa Al-Masih) Jésus-Christ, le médecin des médecins, le Seigneur des Seigneurs et le Sauveur.

Nous avons cherché une Bible dans notre ville mais il n’y avait pas de Bibles dans notre langue. Les bibles étaient interdites dans notre pays. Ainsi, l’ami de mon père vivait au Liban et nous a donné une Bible en arabe. Nous ne parlions pas arabe, alors mon père a commencé à apprendre l’arabe parce qu’il avait soif d’apprendre sur le Dieu de la Bible, le Dieu qui l’a guéri. Il a étudié et appris l’arabe, a commencé étudier sa propre Bible. Car nous avons étudié la Bible secrètement.

As my brother was reading the stories of the creation and the liberation of the people of Israel and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, he was amazed with the promises and the peace that were found in the Bible. He wanted to share his new faith, belief and his new understanding of spiritual things his friends. But, we were told not to do so, for it is so dangerous to share our new faith with others, we need to keep it secret.

One day he lost his fear and then decided to talk to his friends, he told them that we studied the Bible and that they had met another God, a God who had created all things, a God of love who cared about their problems, a wonderful God, a merciful God. But, some of the friends told the parents, and a case was presented to the police.

The police came to the house looking for my brother and the Bible, my mother was cooking  at that time, when she saw the police coming, she took the Bible and put it in the oven, so she protected our lives, for if they had found evidence that we were Christians all would have been killed.

My brother at the age of 16 was taken to a place the family does not know where for 3 months he was tortured. He came back home without his teeth and without memory after so many electric shocks he suffered in prison. He came back with traumas and flashbacks just for having revealed to his friends that he knew God the Father and Jesus his Savior. All the persecution and suffering, because he shared his faith with those friends.

We couldn’t find any help in the country, so some people advised us to send him for treatment in Europe, this what happened, and we got news that he died few months later. We believed that despite all the pain and all the suffering, there is a loving Father who is taking care of us.

Our family had to live far away from the rest of the family because now that they were Christians, the family promised to kill them for betraying Islam and they had to leave to about 1300 km.

During my high school time and as a teenager I had many questions, once in school I questioned something about the Qur’an, a part that I didn’t think was right. I was immediately warned by my teacher that the Qur’an should never be questioned. After few months I again questioned something in the Qur’an. The teacher immediately called the police and asks them to take me. They took me to a secret place, where I found myself inside a very dark room without any windows. I remembers with a lot of pain how every day a bad man would come in the room, cursed, insulted and tortured me. One day they shaved my hair. This is one of the most humiliating things in my country for the hair is the woman’s honor and a hairless woman is excluded from society.

On a different day they pulled my fingernail, more humiliation and more suffering, but during all that I only trusted God, I asked Him to give me comfort and faith, to fill my heart with the blessed hope, so I could endure such humiliation and such physical pain, I trusted God and He protected my life, I stood faithful to my God and Savior Jesus Christ.

My family paid a very expensive bail to release me. When I returned home, the police take my passport and stamp it, which means I can no longer study and work. The only solution my family saw is to leave the country, I ended up traveling by bus to a far away country. I didn’t know where to go, whom I will meet, but I know there is a Heavenly Father who takes care of me.

In that country, I had a very hard time I had no money, I asked help, no one wanted to help, then I remembered a pastor on the TV who lives there, I had his phone number, I called him and told him my story, he asked me to go to a special place. While living there, I met with some believers and we used to study the Bible together. The war broke there, so I needed to leave the country, I did not know where to go. God has open the way for me to travel outside the Middle East, I want to praise God, I got baptized that day I will never forget.

Now, I am a student, studying theology. I want to share the Good News with my people, so they will know my Lord and Savior Isa Al-Masih. To follow Isa Al-Masih is to participate in His sufferings. Yet, the blood He shed for me is worth infinitely more than anything I can do for Him today. And one day, when Jesus returns, my brother and I will get new bodies.

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