Why Does Allah use Dreams to Speak to Us?

The Bible tells us, “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28).

  • Allah Uses dreams to search our hearts and help others: sometimes our dreams challenge us about things in our heart that we leave unattended.
  • Allah uses dreams to open our ears: We are not always open to hearing God’s voice because most of the time with our busy and hectic schedules, we close our ears and do not take the time hear Him. During our dreams, God bypasses the shell we have surrounding our hearts that can make us dull of hearing.
  • Allah uses dreams to bring instruction: instruction through our dreams so that we are notified of our faults, counseled in wrong direction and given instruction on best ways to move forward from these circumstances. We can learn a lot through these instructions.
  • Allah uses dreams to break down walls of self-defense: through dreams Allah bypass our self-defense mechanisms and our preconceived notions about our strengths and weaknesses. Dreams go right to the truth of the matter.

Also, Allah speaks through dreams to:

  • Restrain from evil – Genesis 20:3
  • Reveal His will – Genesis 28:11–22; 37:5–10
  • Warn government officials and world leaders of future events – Genesis 41:1-8
  • Provide revelation to His prophets – Numbers 12:6
  • Encourage His people – Judges 7:13–15
  • Answer believers’ petitions and prayers – 1 Kings 3:5-15
  • Instruct us – Matthew 1:20
  • Warn His people against certain decisions – Matthew 27:17-19

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  1. Salams, I was thinking about this question for a long period of time, I see a lot of dreams. I didn’t know that the Bible speaks about dreams also, that was interesting, in fact, it pushed me to have a look at the website, and I have found it helpful, I like your perspective. Thank you.

    1. Aleykum al-salam, Saad. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your perspective with us. The Bible mentions several situations in which Allah used dreams to send important messages and announce prophecies that were fulfilled later. This is really very interesting. We are happy that reading our articles has encouraged you to study more about the subject. Do not hesitate to share your dreams with us and feel free to send us your suggestions and questions. May Allah bless you always.

  2. مقالة جميلة لم أكن أعرف بان الله يتحدث إلينا من خلال الأحلام، لقد حلمت الكثير من الأحلام من خلالها حماني الرب من مشاكل كثيرة وحذرني من قرارات وساعدني على أخذ قرارات صعبة في حياتي. شكرا لكم.

    1. نشكرك أخت سوسن على تصفحك لموقعنا، نعم إن الله يتحدث إلينا من خلال الأحلام.
      فنحن نسعد بمشاركة أحلامك معنا. ليباركك الله دائماً ويحميك من كل سوء.

  3. Asalamoalaykom, I have been seeing a lot of dreams lately and I have been asking why? We don’t have many answers to this question, but I was really happy with what I have found here.
    My mom told me that when I was born she saw a dream also, in the dream a man in white garment came and told her that when I grow I will find something important and I need to follow it. In fact, I have been seeing this man in white garment in my dreams, and in every one he says I am the Word of Allah and gives me a book. Thank you.

    1. Wa Alaykum Assalam, Shahidudeen.
      The Man in White garment that appeared you and your mom is Sayidna Isa Al-Masih (His peace be upon us), because He is the Word of Allah. He has called you for an important task even before you were born, the book that He gave you if the Injil. I hope that you’ll accept His invitation to follow Him and start reading the Injil and share the great news. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them. May Allah bless you.

  4. I have been asking this question for awhile now. I have heard a lot of my friends speaking about Allah appearing to them in dreams or seeing dreams that leads them to faith, I have read some of your articles
    and I like the reasoning. Thank you for sharing this, I will read more to know more.

    1. Thank you Shaheed for your comment! We are happy to know that our content was relevant and helpful to you. If you have more questions we will be pleased to help you more. May Allah always bless you.

  5. This an interesting topic, I didn’t know that the Injil speaks about dreams. Thank you for this website it has a lot of interesting topics. I am a Muslim but I like to learn about other believes. I will spend sometime reading this website and the stories you mentioned in this topic. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your support, Musa! We are happy to know you learned something new because of our website. We have more information about the Injil in the section “The Holy Injil”. I invite you to check it out! We will be pleased to help you if you have any questions. May Allah bless your life!

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