How to Handle a Dream

1- Weigh the dream. Who is speaking? What is the message?

  • Does the dream reinforce God’s Word?
  • Does the dream strengthen your faith in God?
  • Does the dream increase and build your faith in God?

2- Pray. Pray that God will show you the source of the dream and what He intends to teach you through it.
3- Listen to God. Take a moment to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.
4- Seek Godly counsel. Sharing dreams is normal, but be wise about with whom you share them.
5- Let it be. Follow God’s guidance for your life. God speaks through dreams to:

  • Provide answers (Ezekiel 1:1)
  • Instruct in the things of God (Daniel 2:24-25)
  • Glorify God (Daniel 2:47)
  • Warn about hidden danger (Matthew 2:12-13)
  • Keep people humble (Job 33:14)
  • Save lives (Matthew 2:3)
  • Prevent people from making mistakes (Genesis 20:3-8)
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