Rashid’s Story

I go by the name Rashid, coming from one of the world’s most devout Muslim nations. At the tender age of four, a dream unfolded before me in which I found myself walking through our huge garden. A stranger dressed in white stood among the fruit trees and showed a friendly feeling. Intrigued, I approached as he softly spoke.

“Rashid, do you see these trees?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied, drawn nearer to the mysterious man.

“Ever wondered where they derive their life? How do they multiply and bear fruit?”

Lost in contemplation, I answered, “I don’t know,” as a gentle breeze rushed the leaves.

“Come, and I will show you,” he signaled, leading me behind the trees to a previously unnoticed stream flowing towards them. “Do you see the water, Rashid?” he asked, pointing to the stream kindly. “This water breathes life into the trees.” The man explained how the water nourished the roots, sustaining the entire tree, emphasizing that the tree would wither without it. He explained the intricate process of fruit production.

Pondering his words, I observed as he shifted his gaze from the trees back to me. With a gentle demeanor and warm voice, he expressed, “Rashid, I want to use you like this water. I want to use you to give people life.” In an instant, he disappeared.

“Mom, Mom, hurry!” I exclaimed, racing to the house door. Alarmed, my mother emerged, and I eagerly recounted the encounter with the mysterious man wearing white.

My devout Muslim mother, deeply affected by my words, directed me to the local mosque for specialized guidance. The visits from the man in white continued throughout my upbringing. Despite faithfully attending the mosque, confusion set in as the teachings there sharply contrasted with the profound lessons from the Man in White teachings in the garden.

As time passed, I departed from the mosque, driven to seek the truth about Allah. This quest led me to the Injeel, culminating in me following the teachings of the Man in White. I persist in studying the Injeel and sharing the word of Allah with those whom Issa (His peace be upon us) calls.

I humbly request your prayers for myself and others who have encountered the Man in white, that we may heed His call.

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